Drones, programmed according to users’ needs

As manufacturers released models for commercial use, drones became increasingly popular with humans. Currently, drones are also used for professional purposes for high-altitude filming of sporting events or concerts, but also by regular users who have discovered a new “toy” to spend time with.

Drones began to be used in more and more fields, from agriculture to entertainment purposes.

In the agricultural field, more and more farmers are starting to become interested in the use of drones in the agricultural field, devices that can help them not only to monitor crops, but also to apply various treatments or even fertilizers, thus managing to make substantial savings.

These drones, are called agricultural drones, and can operate up to 500 meters altitude, and cover an area of ​​4,000-6,000 square meters in just 10 minutes, 50 times faster than the manual spraying operation, with a load of 10 kg of liquid.

The intelligent spray system automatically adjusts the spray according to the flight speed, so that the spray is uniform, avoiding pollution and waste of pesticides.

The drone is also equipped with a high quality camera, which can record throughout the spraying program. The device can be controlled in automatic, semi-automatic, and manual mode.

The drone automatically records the current and remembers the previous coordinates as it passes through the field. If the operation is interrupted, for example due to depleted battery or spray liquid, the flight can be resumed easily from the last point in the memory after changing the battery or refilling the tank.

The drone has eight propellers and can be packed to facilitate its transport.

Drone in action:


Another utility of drones used more recently is the high traffic surveillance by persons responsible for monitoring traffic in areas with increased risk of accidents. The drone can monitor road traffic from above at high altitudes and has a range of 30 minutes, the batteries can be changed or charged on the spot. The drones are accompanied by a mobile application, which receives data and information within a radius of 3 km, then being sent to the competent crews in the field.

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