52.29 USD raised of $50000 for Phase 1
(tax excluded)


Innovative low energy consumption crypto-miner that can be installed by anyone on their mobile devices or computers. The application converts the mined coins to real money, which afterwards get donated to charity causes.

It is free for you, it means a lot to charity!


How does your contribution help us?

We keep working on Craise, a charity software solution, and help others to solve their health and personal problems.

We keep paying our valuable employees and help them get through this critical time generated by Covid 19.

How does our project help others?

The app converts the mined coins to real money which get donated to charity.

The raised money get donated to different causes such as building drinking fountains in affected areas, education in underdeveloped locations and much more.

Any non-profit organization or affected person / family can benefit from donations for documented cases.

Fully transparent.

How is the app different from what’s out there on the market?

Use the power of your device to make money for charity – the energy consumption remains unnoticed.

Most of the existing apps need to raise the money before they can make the donation – our app raises money continuously using the computational power of your device, therefore we donate from what we already collected. It is crucial to donate fast.

Project phases

Phase 1: When we hit 50000 USD we start delivering the product architecture, design and servers infrastructure.

Phase 2: When we hit 150000 USD we start working on the prototype and first open beta.

Phase 3: When we hit 230000 USD we start working on the first release of the app.

Will the app accept in-app direct donations?

We plan to support in-app direct donations too.